Diamond Engagement Rings

Type of Fancy Diamond Engagement Rings:

Yellow: Yellow diamond engagement rings are popular because they offer an antique vibe while still remaining contemporary. A yellow diamond engagement ring will remind your bride of sunny afternoons with you in the park, delicious banana cream pudding from her favorite restaurant and the yellow roses you gave her for Valentine’s Day. Colored diamond engagement rings with yellow diamonds are ideal for the woman who appreciates vintage linens, retro dresses and antique furniture.
Pink: Pink diamonds are incredibly feminine, lending unmistakable beauty to colored diamond engagement rings. Pink diamonds have the look of gorgeous sunsets over the ocean, the pretty lipstick she wore on your first date and the beautiful flowers you surprise her with whenever you get the chance. Pink diamond engagement rings are perfect for modern brides and the girl who prides herself on a feminine wardrobe.
Black: Black diamonds definitely count as colored diamonds when you are shopping for engagement rings. Jewelry featuring black or grey diamonds is incredibly sophisticated. Black diamond engagement rings will remind your girlfriend of the classy parties you’ve attended together and the stars that shone overhead at her best friend’s outdoor wedding reception.
Blue: Blue diamonds are prevalent in fancy diamond jewelry, and blue diamond engagement rings are perfect for adventurers. These stunning stones mimic the brilliant sky on your first camping trip and the beautiful ocean beneath you as you parasailed together off the coast of a tropical island. Choose a blue diamond engagement ring for the girl who loves to try new things and approaches life with a positive attitude.
Orange: Orange diamonds are quite rare, making them a fabulous choice for a diamond engagement ring. Jewelry with bright orange stones will showcase the hues of the fire on a cold winter night, the changing leaves of autumn and the bold summer sun. Choose orange diamonds for the bride who is unique throughout the year.